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Sonar System
DSL 1000-180


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JMC DSL-1000 Sonar

180 kHz(DSL-1000-180) searchlight type sonar system.

Digital receiver design based on leading-edge DSP technology, offering superbly defined image resolution, wide-dynamic range sonar echogram previously unavailable with traditional analog circuitry designs.

State-of-the-art signal processing techniques include selectable gain-controllable range offsets, TVG control curves, receiver passbands, echo dynamic ranges, and overall gain attenuation setting (for prevention of receiver blocking by short/shallow range signals).

Selectable transmit power levels with automatic selection of pulse widths optimized for the range in use, with each pulse expandable in 2 steps for long range search applications where additional effective power to targets is needed.

Operating modes include sonar mode (full circle/sector scanning with off-centering), side scanning (bottom scanning) and echo sounder modes, each mode shown across full screen area or split screens with simultaneous presentation of system parameter settings or time- wise compressed sounder made echogram.

Eight search/depth ranges are user-definable in 10- unit steps from 10 to 2000 meters, fathoms, braccia, or in 20-unit steps for footage-calibrated range scales.

XGA video output available for uncompromised echogram resolution across an optional devoted 17-commercially inch LCD marine monitor or available PC display accepting XGA format signal input.

Automatic soundome retraction initiated by the ship exceeding a preset speed limit with an external GPS sped data source connected.

Built-in transducer stabilizer enabling the energy beam tilt angle to remain unaffected independent of the ship's roiling

or pitching under rough sea conditions.