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Sonar System
JMC CSS 3000-110

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The JMC CSS-3000-110 is a sonar sector scan for small & medium-sized seagulls. It offers very good detection capabilities over short distances (200-300 meters) with high perimetric scanning speed. Indicatively it only takes 3 sec on a 40 meter scale or 6 sec on a 320 meter scale for a full 360 ° scan. It has a 13 ° X6 ° scanning beam or 53 ° X5.5 ° sector (for high speed) and 4 different fishing displays: perimeter scan, vertical scan, off-center and sonar.

The headlamp drive operates (up and down) up to 8 knots, is mounted in a 8 "(internal F190mm) tube and has beam stabilization up to 20 ° roll / pitch. It also has GPS connectivity for tracking the ship's footprint, flock tracking and sonar synchronization. Operation from 24VDC, transmit power 110kHz / 2200W.