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Ultrasonic Tide Meter Sonic Kaijo KDG-300

• Current speed/direction from 5 different layers of your choosing.
• Calculation based on a precise four- axis system.
• Can read out speed over sea bottom down to 500m.
• Accuracy of 1 % or better.
• No calibration needed.
• Echo sounder function, reading from each of the four axis.
• Intuitive user interface.
• Screen size of your own choosing.
• GPS- speed, automatic, on or off.
• Long term durability and rugged design.

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The new KDG-300 current indicator is based on a well proven product with a reputation of ease of use and very reliable long term stability. The KDG-300 is delivered pre- calibrated from the Kaijo factory, so there is no need for cumbersome post- installation calibration at sea. It measures currents through four separate axis, and you can read from five seperate layers of your own choosing. This Doppler log has an accuracy of 1% or better, and can measure speed over bottom down to depths of 450-500m.