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Lightest and smallest in the world, the GPC–400 is an affordable GPS–based heading sensor and positioning system consisting of 12–channel dual precision GPS engines, dual antennas, a single–axis gyro, and a tilt–sensor, all integrated into a single sturdy housing for ease of mounting in space–limited sites.

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  • Outputs stable heading data accurate up to 0.75 degrees (RMS) or better at a fast rate even while the vessel stays stationary, in addition to submeter–accurate position information with differential corrections applied.
  • Combination of a built–in gyro and tilt–sensor provides short start–up times and continual backup heading updates in the event of losing a GPS heading.
  • COASTTM*1 technology allows old DGPS correction data to be utilized during a temporary loss (in excess of 40 minutes) of GPS signals without significantly degrading the data quality.
  • SBAS–enabled, compatible with free, public satellite–based differential correction systems, including WAAS*2, EGNOS*3 and MSAS*4. IALA*5 beacon receiver optionally available.
  • Requires only a single cable (power and data) connection and operates reliably over a varying power source voltage likely encountered in small vessels.